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Kokomo Humane Society

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Our Mission
Improving the lives of and preventing cruelty to domestic and companion animals through humane education, shelter, and uniting pets with families.

Our Vision
We envision a humane community, where all domestic and companion animals are wanted, respected and cherished.

Working on Behalf of Animals Since 1891
The shelter provides our community and county with services including pet adoptions, humane education, and volunteer opportunities.  We also provide animal control, animal cruelty investigation, 24 hour emergency service, and enforcement of local ordinances.

We want to give adoptable animals every opportunity to find a good home.  Therefore, we do not have a maximum holding time.  We keep pets available for adoption as long as they stay healthy and we have space.

Pet Adoption Program
Adopting a shelter animal is a wonderful way to give a homeless animal a second chance with a new family, home and life.  Visitors will find a wide variety of choices – both purebreds and mixed breeds.  In addition to dogs and cats, other types of companion animals are also available for adoption.  Our experienced adoption staff can provide information about different types of pets and suggest the type or breed of pet to best fit your family, home and lifestyle. 

Adoption Features

Spay/neuter surgery credit

Preliminary vaccinations

Rabies vaccine deposit

Sample bag of Hill’s Science Diet pet food

Microchip and registration

30 days of Sheltercare Pet Health Insurance

Training and care DVD for your dog or cat

Cardboard carrier for cats

Leash for dogs

Unconditional love from your new friend

Satisfaction of knowing you have given a homeless animal a second chance

Humane Education
  Humane education is, in essence, a type of character education which teaches the principles of justice, goodwill, and humanity toward all life.  The spirit of kindness to animals can be the starting point for the development of a larger humanity which treats all living things with respect.  If children learn these valuable lessons while they are young, they will be kinder and more compassionate adults and in turn better citizens in the community.

By working with local schools and other organizations, humane educators promote change in the community that helps not only animals, but the entire citizenry.  The Kokomo Humane Society understands the key role humane education plays in reaching the public to better inform them about treating animals humanely and responsibly.  For that reason we are committed to providing the public with humane education programs, materials and resources.

Volunteer Programs
The Kokomo Humane Society has an active volunteer program with a dedicated volunteer coordinator on staff.  There are many volunteer positions available. Volunteers must be at least 16 years of age to volunteer alone.  Youth ages ten to fifteen years can volunteer if they are accompanied at all times by a parent volunteer.  In order to place our volunteers in the roles in which they’ll best serve our companion animals, all our volunteers first submit an application, complete an interview with our volunteer coordinator, and attend a shelter orientation.

Animal Control
Animal Control is responsible for the enforcement of city and county animal welfare ordinances.  Stray animals wandering streets put the public at risk, cause property damage, and spread disease.  In addition, the animals themselves are at risk of injury, starvation, illness and abuse.  Stray animals brought to the shelter are held five working days to allow the owner time to identify and reclaim their pet.  Animals not reclaimed are evaluated by our adoption staff to determine if they can be put up for adoption.

Cruelty Investigation
Animal cruelty is a crime.  Our animal cruelty investigator responds to calls concerning possible cases of neglect, cruelty and abuse.  In extreme cases of negligence and abuse the cruelty investigator will take legal action and work with the Police and Sheriff’s Departments.  If you witness or believe an animal to be a victim of animal cruelty and/or neglect, please contact the Kokomo Humane Society’s cruelty investigator at (765) 452-6224, extension 1.  If it is an emergency and after shelter hours, please contact the Police Department or Sheriff’s Department.

Making a Donation
The Kokomo Humane Society is a private 501(c)3 organization. We are grateful to the caring citizens in our area who make financial contributions or donate wish list items to the shelter.  Public support helps us fund our mission-related programs, assisting animals waiting to find new homes and loving families.

Our Values
We believe in the humane treatment of all animals.

-          We believe that pet overpopulation should be reduced through spaying and neutering of companion animals.

-          We believe that all companion animals deserve permanent, loving, responsible homes.

-          We believe in caring for lost, homeless and stray animals until they can be returned to their homes, or until they can be placed in lifetime homes.

-          We believe that humane education is the key to a more compassionate future for the animals that share the earth with us.

-          We believe that we should do everything possible to reduce the use of euthanasia as a means of animal population control.


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