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Gary Gist


Pay for the Product not the Packaging

When you buy apples in a plastic bag, you should pay only for the weight of the apples.

If you buy potato salad at the deli counter you should pay only for the salad not the weight of the container.

Your Weights and Measures officials visit grocery stores and randomly inspect hundreds of packages of

Deli Products
Dairy Products
Fruits and Vegetables

Package Inspection
  Make sure that those packages are labeled properly and that the weight of the packaging has been deducted before the price is calculated.


When Buying Gasoline


Good measurement is also important when you buy gasoline and motor fuel. These fuels are sold by volume in gallons. A computer in the gasoline pump measures the amount and calculates what you owe based on that amount and the unit price of the gasoline.

Tips for Buying Gas:

  • Use the correct pump. Then check that the octane rating and the price per gallon are clearly marked on each pump.
  • Make sure the pump is set to zero before any gasoline is pumped.
  • Check the price by multiplying the number of gallons or liters by the unit price.
  • Figure any discount and make sure you are charged the right amount.
  • When using a credit card check that your receipt matches the amount billed and the amount on the pump.
  • If you have a problem or question that is not resolved contact your Weights & Measures office.
  • Look for the Seal on the pumps.



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